Thursday, December 10, 2009

Zelaya: leaving on a jet plane?

After a deal with Mexico (or, as La Prensa calls it, the "Aztec country") that came very close to allowing Mel Zelaya to leave Honduras, the coup government nixed it because Zelaya refused to seek political asylum. Zelaya, though, said he is still open to the idea of leaving as long as it does not involve asylum.

This particular episode in the continuing drama bears the same characteristics as other past episodes. The coup government appears to be negotiating in good faith, a deal is imminent, then the deal falls apart. The coup government figures that the mere gesture is sufficient to appease the international community and it buys time.

Unfortunately, this strategy has worked extremely well. It may well continue to work just fine until January 27, when everything changes again.


Anonymous,  8:32 AM  

I agree with your point about the coup government giving the appearance of negotiating in good faith then failing to abide by the terms of the agreement that results. Having negotiated with numerous 'hired guns' in the past, I can say that the tactic stinks of Lanny Davis. Only in this instance, there is no judge to put an end to the stalling because she (Hillary) took a pass for an old classmate.

Anonymous,  12:32 PM  

So it appears even the Brazilians are getting tired of Zelaya:

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