Saturday, December 19, 2009

Headline of the day: Venezuela

"President Chávez enjoys high popularity in Sudan"

And this is even the Bolivarian News Agency, meaning it is something the government actually wants everyone to know.


boz 10:28 AM  

Chavez sees al-Bashir as an ally. He invited Sudan's president to Venezuela earlier this year in spite of the ICC warrant out for his arrest. He has said the Darfur genocide accusations are just "racism" and not based on reality.

skywalker 8:05 AM  

Any nation (Including my own nation Australia) , that has the United States as an ally, is friends with the world's worst violator of national sovereignty.

US has just launched wars against the people of Afghanistan and Iraq leading to the deaths of around 3 million people.

Slave Revolt,  4:56 PM  

Indeed, the US is the world's biggest mafia terror organization--and this is based in empirical fact.

Too bad that the brainwashed 'intelligensia' in the US will always go to great lenghts to villify any small nations that simply refuse to obey.

The millions of deaths that are a result of US policies and violence, of course, simply don't exist. The victims of imperial terrorism are non-persons.

This is so predictable. Too bad US intellectuals don't have the balls to examine the historical record and say the truth (because they would be hounded out of the jobs that subsidize their becoming fat and mentally lazy).

There will always be the types that grovel at the feet of the powerful, and lob spitballs at the mafia don's critics. They are whores, in every sense of the term.

By the way, skywalker, you know, of course, that the two latest crimes of agression are only the tip of the iceberg. That god that honest intellectuals, like Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky, have the temerity and the integrity to catalouge the crimes.

Defensores de Democracia 10:08 AM  

Chavez has always supported the Criminal FARC Guerrillas, in many speeches, with weapons, money and now with BIG SANCTUARY FOR MANY TERRORISTS.

And they just murdered a Governor, in the most coward manner.

This murder and many other Terrorist Acts are very stupid on the part of the FARC.

They have always being very stupid !

Why the FARC leaders won't surrender :

They were offered a Great Peace by Andres Pastrana 10 years ago.

They could have retired as Pashas, Satraps or Princes living the Great Life in Europe : playing roulette in Monte Carlo all day, and bathing with Bikini Girls in the Cote d'Azur.

They preferred being the bully, the murderer, the thief, the kidnapper, the killer of Peasant Children ( or maiming them ) with land mines.

They preferred to be the Masters of Lifes and Properties. Total Masters of many slaves.

They preferred to throw gas cylinders over the houses of the poorest people of the country, burning the houses of very old and sick folks.

They preferred to burn straw churches with Black people inside. They preferred to burn the poorest ramshackles next to oil pipes or oleoducts.

They preferred to be terrorists killing dozens of people with a single coward bomb in the poorest places.

Having being such idiots, how can they sign a peace that would be less generous that what they despised 10 years ago ??

The Future of Foreign Policies :

Vicente Duque

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