Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Quote of the day: Honduras

Neither Roberto Micheletti nor Mel Zelaya should attend his inauguration because "they are part of the past."

--Pepe Lobo, ignoring the fact that each one of them claims to be president until he is sworn in and is therefore squarely part of the present.

He also said he was not afraid of being overthrown by the military. To make sure, I suppose he will run all his policies by them first.


Anonymous,  9:29 PM  

Maybe he's not afraid of being kicked out because, unlike Zelaya, he has no intentions of ignoring the courts and creating Constitutional crises?

Slave Revolt,  5:01 PM  

Give me a break, Lobo will not have problems with the military exactly because he represents the repressive and undemocratic, unconstitutional and corrupt oligarchy that despises democracy and constitutionality.

The crisis is a result of the oligarchy and military deciding to trash the consitution and impose a dictatorship.

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