Saturday, October 03, 2009

DeMint: DeGovernment is DeBest

Senator Jim DeMint zipped down quickly to Honduras to meet with everyone who supported the coup, and to get a better idea of why they thought it was such a good idea. He issued the following statement:

"We had a very productive trip, and we will have more to say next week after we have briefed our colleagues in the House and Senate. But for now, I can say that we saw a government working hard to follow the rule of law, uphold its constitution, and to protect democracy for the people of Honduras. We are very encouraged by what we saw and we hope to be able to work with our administration to support the upcoming elections,” said Senator DeMint.

Aside from his clear lack of understanding of what it means to uphold a constitution, the interesting thing is that DeMint is well behind the curve. Dialogue between representatives of Micheletti and Zelaya will begin soon (assuming no one reneges). Fewer and fewer coup supporters see waiting for the elections as a viable strategy. So the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is free to debate what it wants, but Hondurans themselves are driving events.

Days since the coup: 97
Days until the scheduled presidential election: 57


kelby 10:16 AM  

It is beyond frustrating to watch Republicans continue to force their anachronistic Cold War worldviews into US foreign policy.

In politics of the hemisphere, Republicans use Chavez as the foil to advance their agenda. In this view, Zeyala is not a independent actor, he is a minion of Chavez, much the way any left wing movements in South America were portrayed as under the control of the Soviet Union.

This rationalization allows them keep thinking in the easy terms of black and white, the "threat" of Chavez provides justification for opposition to anything that can be connected by 6 degrees of separation to Chavez.

Unfortunately in this case, it is Honduras and Zelaya who are the targets of such policies right now.

constant gina 8:36 AM  

Let the people of Honduras resolve what belongs to be resolved by Hondurans. Zelaya is another puppet of Hugo Chavez he hides behind a double face. Is not the people that support Zelaya the most, is the people that DONT WANT HIM BACK.

leftside 7:19 PM  

Another very discouraging signal from Washington today at the Daily Press Briefing. The US refused to say thay support Zelaya returning for his full term:

QUESTION: But on the idea that you’re continuing to call for a negotiated solution, we really don’t hear that much about the call for President Zelaya to return to finish out his term. I mean, is that still your position?

MR. KELLY: Absolutely.

QUESTION: For the remainder of his term? Or isn’t it true that you’re trying to find a way where he can come in for like, five minutes and then get --

MR. KELLY: Well, I don’t know. The leading role is the OAS here. And our position has been unwavering that we support the return of the democratically elected president.

QUESTION: For the remainder of his full term?

MR. KELLY: You know –

QUESTION: That was your position about a month ago.

MR. KELLY: Well, I don’t know if it was our position. But we support the OAS effort in this regard. And the O – and there is unanimous opinion among the OAS as well that we need to restore the constitutionally, democratically elected president.

QUESTION: But not for the full term, though.

MR. KELLY: Well, that’s all being worked out. I would assume it’s the full term, but it’s an OAS issue next.

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