Sunday, October 18, 2009

Quote of the day: Venezuela

“Why not? Who can stop sovereign nations from forming a defensive military alliance and exchanging soldiers and officers and training and materiel and logistics?”

--Hugo Chávez, after criticizing the U.S. and Colombia for exchanging soldiers and officers and training and materiel and logistics.


Anonymous,  10:47 AM  

This is almost as good as the laughable missive issued by ALBA, with Cuba as a full partner, that economic sanctions should be placed on Honduras for undemocratic practices.

leftside 3:59 PM  

Umm... the controversial part (criticized by most of the major leaders) of the secret US-Colombia deal is about use of military bases, not training, materials and logistics.

Anonymous,  4:45 PM  

Someone explain to leftside what logistics means in military terms.

Slave Revolt,  5:13 PM  

Given the history of US support for undemocratic and totalitarian governments in the Americas, I'd say that these more democratic, left-leaning nations are simply being rational in developing an infrastructure through which they can defend from invasion or violent destabilization.

Of course, the lackies for the mafia capitalist order, will take umberage with this mutual-aid effort--"how dare these little punk nations align to defend themselves against US, the 'leaders of the free world'.

Err...Empire, uhh, we don't want you to lead our people anywhere.

The big finger to the mafia-aligned nations gets them all pissed off, to the point of dusting off the old deathsquad handbooks.

As the Empire enters its slow decline to the status of second rate, has-been, financially ruined powerhouse, its ideologically deluded and fanatical stalwarts will resort to myriad crimes to re-establish domination over what it percieves (in the usual mafia-thinking) as its 'dominion'.

The wounded lion is still very dangerous. Better let it die the slow, agonizing death that it deserves--out of a sense of justice toward the millions of non-combatants it has murdered in its stupidity and rage.

leftside 9:36 PM  

Someone tell Anonymous that the US has been carrying out logistics operations with Colombia for some time. That is not what is being criticized in the region.

What concerns people (rightly) is:

Most details of the negotiations are secret, but senior Colombian military and civilian officials familiar with negotiations told The Associated Press that the idea is to make Colombia a regional hub for Pentagon operations.

"Pentagon operations"... the region hears those words and shudders.

Meanwhile, when countries in the region form a group and decide to integrate their own military cooperation, this is somehow seen as the same thing by good liberals like our host.

This hatred of Chavez blinds normally rational people.

Anonymous,  10:15 PM  

Colombia is sovereign in Colombia and the US and Colombia agree to a new military arrangement. So what. The US respected the sovereignty of Ecuador and neighbors when it used the now closed base. There is nothing to criticize unless it is used to undermine the sovereignty of neighbors. The pre-emptive blowhards in ALBA would be well to take care of their own ongoing violations of Colombia's sovereignty by their support for FARC rebels.

Defensores de Democracia 1:02 PM  

Obama is the best President to help solve any problems related to Foreign Affairs, in particular Latin America.

Obama is a Great President !

A Tormented and Suffered Nation Colombia has almost defeated the FARC Terrorists and Murderers.

However, Nasty Rulers, Vulgar and Offensive Presidents of surrounding nations, namely Venezuela, Ecuador and Nicaragua, do their best efforts to sink Colombia in Terrorism, Subversion and Murder.

Thanks Heaven, Thanks God Almighty, there is an Obama for America and the World !

God Bless Mr Obama !!

Obama's Character and Psychology :

I have always said that Obama is intelligent, rational, professorial, lawyer-like and "constitutional", Obama is cool, fresh, young and youthful.

And this wonderful writer Robert Shrum, tells us that Obama is also Steady and Firm, he is governing as he promised. I agree, Obama is constant, continuous, not easily excited, imperturbable, stable, not disturbed easily, careful, prudent, calmed, staid.

"The Week" Magazine
Obama and the GOP: 2008 debate foretold all

The last of Barack Obama's 2008 debates with John McCain previewed the kind of president he has become. It also painted a vividly distinct portrait of the current GOP.

By Robert Shrum - Shrum has been a senior adviser to the Gore 2000 presidential campaign, the campaign of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, and the British Labour Party. In addition to being the chief strategist for the 2004 Kerry-Edwards campaign,
October 20, 2009

Obama and the GOP: 2008 debate foretold all

Some excerpts :

When Bob Schieffer, the debate moderator, asked if the candidates would give up any of their proposals due to the economic crisis, McCain sounded befuddled and formulaic. He cited his "new" economic plan (though it was far from clear he had had an "old" one) before lurching into ideological dogma: he favored an across-the-board federal spending cut. It was a no-brain non-starter, a position that even Dick Cheney had dismissed as "Hoover economics."

Yet throughout 2009, congressional Republicans embraced it, standing almost unanimously against the economic recovery plan and urging spending cuts that would have deepened and prolonged the downturn. When the latest budget report revealed that the deficit was $200 billion to $400 billion lower than previously forecast—in part because the feds had rescued the financial sector—the House GOP leader demanded that the government "stop spending taxpayers' money we don't have." It was an easy invocation of economic myth; if actually adopted, his policy would reverse the recovery and push unemployment towards levels last seen in the 1930s.

Similarly, the GOP health care plan is ... Quick—can anyone describe it? Empty of ideas, full of grotesque fury about non-existent "death panels," is it any wonder the GOP has a favorable rating of 24 percent in the latest Pew poll?

As health care legislation churns towards completion—with Obama steady in the face of pressure and controversy—it becomes more evident each day that he will be the last president who has to fight for national health reform.

More Intuitions, Psychology, Obama, Economy and Health Care :

Vicente Duque

Justin Delacour 3:46 PM  

“Why not? Who can stop sovereign nations from forming a defensive military alliance and exchanging soldiers and officers and training and materiel and logistics?”

--Hugo Chávez, after criticizing the U.S. and Colombia for exchanging soldiers and officers and training and materiel and logistics.

But the problem is that the U.S.-Colombia military alliance is potentially offensive in character, which makes it fundamentally distinct (and more provocative) than any proposed military alliance between the ALBA countries.

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