Thursday, October 15, 2009

More fact finding in Honduras

Peter Roskam is one of the Republican House members who went to Honduras, and he published an op-ed about the trip. As with other coup supporters, he calls Mel Zelaya's forced exile a "tactical error" rather than a violation of the constitution. There are a variety of other common errors, all of which were assuredly reinforced by his "fact" finding.

The most entertaining part of the argument, and he makes it twice for emphasis, is that Honduras is a "counterbalance" and a "necessary check" to Hugo Chávez. That's right, this tiny and underdeveloped country is the absolute key to stability not only in Central America, but in South America as well.

As often happens when I reach such things, I wonder to myself whether they really believe what they're writing or not.

Days since the coup: 109
Days until the scheduled presidential election: 45


Steven Taylor 11:26 AM  

It is amusing (amongst other things) that so many pro-coup arguments see Honduras as a vital cog in US national security.

In all honesty, I am guessing that most of these people had never given Honduras a second thought prior to these events.

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