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Political science and immigration

A lot of virtual ink is being spilled about political science as a discipline, particularly its relevance to policy. See Daniel Drezner for a good round-up. This is also a very important issue for political scientists (or anyone else) studying immigration. John Randolph at Feet in 2 Worlds notes a recent conference on undocumented immigration.

Aarti Kohli served in Washington, DC on the staff of the House Immigration Subcommittee ten years ago. Today she’s the director of immigration policy at the Warren Institute at UC Berkeley. Kohli said that a decade ago members of Congress didn’t pay much attention to immigration research.

Now she sees signs of a more receptive attitude on Capitol Hill. She believes the debate over a possible guest worker program has been influenced by research documenting the abuses of the Bracero program of the 1940s through the 1960s that allowed Mexican men to work legally in the U.S. but denied adequate compensation to many.

But Kohli also argues that if academic researchers want their findings to be used by policy-makers they need to make some changes. Her suggestion, “translate the findings into concrete, easy-to-read language.”

What academic research has shown and what members of Congress are interested in “doesn’t always line up,” according to Kohli. But, she says, “its lining up more these days.”

Political science research matters, and will inform the debate over reform that will intensify next year.


Defensores de Democracia 2:18 PM  

Thanks for sources and excellent information.

I have this annoying and unpleasant thought :

If Obama and the Democrats try to push Immigration Reform in Congress ( too early ), then they will lose some seats in the 2010 Elections.

It is an American Tradition that the Governing Party loses some seats in the Midterm Elections, remember 1994 and Clinton losing a lot of Congressional power.

Sometimes the best and most intelligent option is to do nothing.

That philosophy was preached by the Iron Chancellor Otto von Bismark ( 1815 – 1898 ).

It is very dangerous to hasten Wars, or Legislation, Bismark taught to his secretary, when he was old and retired.

You have to wait for situations to develop, you have to wait for processes, you have to wait for maturity.

Wait until Napoleon the third makes a Big Mistake, and then persuade Germany that France is the aggressor.

Perhaps Mr Obama should wait for a Big Triumph in reelection year 2012 and proceed to this most controversial and thorny subject of Immigration, but only when he, the president, becomes extremely powerful.

When Mr Obama is very strong, powerful and established as a leader and ruler. With a congress that depends on the president for reelections.

Vicente Duque

Defensores de Democracia 12:10 PM  

Racist Justice :

Video of CNN and Soledad O'Brien. "Latino in America" and the Mad Town of Shenandoah Pennsylvania. The apotheosis of Racism, Murder, Brutality, Cruelty, Terrorism and Bastardy !

Killing a dog carries a bigger penalty. The Coward Murderers are now scott free !

The Greatest Surprise is the Cowardice of the Six Perpetrators and the Cowardice of the Town with exceptions to admire and honor.

María de la Soledad Teresa O'Brien (born September 19, 1966) is an American television journalist. She is currently the host of CNN Special Investigations Unit on CNN, and is best known for anchoring the CNN marquee morning newscast American Morning from July 2003 to April 3, 2007, with Miles O'Brien.

October 22, 2009
Latino in America - Shenandoah - Luis Ramirez is massacred by high school boys who get off with 23 months in jail. Witness the closed-mindedness!

Latino in America - Shenandoah

Vicente Duque

Term Papers 4:27 AM  

This is a fantastic presentation which captures what political science is all about.

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