Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hugo Chávez and Michael Moore

Eva Golinger is pretty darned entertaining in her combined denunciation of Michael Moore and lavish praise of Hugo Chávez. For example:

Moore’s declarations against President Chávez are offensive and insulting and a clear sign of his hipocresy and lack of ethic. How many times has we heard President Chávez acclaim Moore’s books and documentaries? And most recently, Chávez announced that Moore’s latest documentary, “Capitalism, a love story”, would premiere here in Venezuela.
If a president allows a film to premiere, then you need to show the proper respect!


boz 7:51 PM  

If Michael Moore is telling the truth, it's a hell of an entertaining story. Tequila and speech writing.

Defensores de Democracia 8:19 PM  

This lady can be very successful selling a lot of books or graduating from the most prestigious schools in the world.

But success doesn't mean anything for me. Dictators and sycophants are very successful and rich.

Tyrants in Ancient Greece or in Rome were very successful, and their sycophants too !!

Hate media is very successful promoting Hatred, Fear, War, Racism, etc ... and promoting trainloads of Imbecility.

Chavez can be very successful with an ideology of Hate. .... Before Chavez was president of Venezuela, a Venezuelan Businessman told me that Chavez was a madman, filled with Hate and Resentment against the USA and Colombia.

He even told me that he was doing preparations to leave Venezuela and sell his businesses, because it seemed that Chavez was going to be president. Eventually the businessman abandoned Venezuela.

I judge Michael Moore by the movies, and the interviews on TV Networks. They guy is very intelligent, he understands the futility and uselessness of War, better than most people.

If this lady is trying to elevate Chavez and downgrade Michael Moore, then this is another person that is confused and misled, even if she has some intelligence.

Or she is a shrewd sycophant, I don't know which of the two options.

How sad to see Intelligence at the service of Evil, Revenge, Resentment.

Even if Resentment is based on Real and Factual events of the Past, or a Remote Past.

Eternal Revenge and Eternal Resentement. This is the most Stupid and Idiotic thing and is practiced everywhere.

Even in Very Advanced Countries, with lots of Scientists and Intellectuals.


Vicente Duque

leftside 12:54 PM  

Moore was clearly exaggerating for middle America laughs. We have photos from the meeting. There was no tequila (Chavez does not drink). Calling FM Maduro a "bodyguard" is probably the worst offense.

johnny100 8:19 PM  

"If a president allows a film to premiere, then you need to show the proper respect!"


Well, after the US track record in Venezuela - which included the recognition of the failed coup regime, Venezuela could definitely choose to ban US films. In addition, although TeleSur network transmits all over Latin America, there is a de facto boycott of the channel accross the board by US cable and satellite broadcasters. This is censorship by another name.

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