Saturday, October 17, 2009

Honduras: Congress v. Supreme Court

Talks broke down in Honduras, and Monday is now the new new new deadline (the first deadline was sometime back in July, I think, but this time they mean it). Over at Honduras Coup 2009 they have the texts of the Zelaya and Micheletti camps.

It boils down to whether Congress (Zelaya) or the Supreme Court (Micheletti) should make a final determination about Zelaya's status as president.

Meanwhile, James Baker has an op-ed in the Washington Post and shows he is behind the times, choosing only to repeat most of Micheletti's argument without any idea that it a) represents a minority of opinion in Honduras and b) goes contrary to the San José Accord so is unacceptable to Zelaya. Further, he argues for an amnesty, which all sides have rejected, at least up to this point.


Anonymous,  6:09 PM  

Not clear that Baker is behind the times. The talks in Honduras continue stalled and it seems the US is already thinking about the upcoming elections as a way to resolve this.,8599,1930835,00.html

Nell 3:20 PM  

The Washington Post is giving the Wall Street Journal a run for its money in a contest to see who can provide the strongest support to the coup in its editorial section...

Tim Padgett's Time article is worth reading, but has some seriously problematic passages.

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