Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Honduran military and negotiations

Amid calls to boycott the election, the Honduran Minister of Defense indicated that the Honduran people should not have to hear such messages because it will just "confuse" them. Apparently it is difficult for them to figure things out for themselves. The armed forces, he says, will apply "all the weight of the law" for the elections.

Meanwhile, Military Chief Romeo Vásquez made clear that he is alerting the negotiators about anything that according to him creates an undefined "risk."

He also said that he felt the negotiations were close to an end, which I would think is the main reason for all these statements. The military is reminding everyone involved that it is central to any solution. As indeed it was central to creating the problem that now requires a solution.

Days since the coup: 108
Days until the scheduled presidential election: 46


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