Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Fact finding in Honduras

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen went to Honduras and then apparently sat and caressed Roberto Micheletti's arm while holding up a copy of the constitution that specifically prohibits forced exile. If you were curious about what exactly happens during a "fact finding trip," then now you know.

Her overall conclusion was that the U.S. will be overrun by drugs if we don't support the coup government immediately. She learned this from classified conversations that she cannot disclose.

Feel free to insert your own caption.


boz 7:12 AM  

These same people were telling us two months ago that the coup would help counter-narcotics efforts because they claimed Zelaya was working with the cartels. I guess they got bored with that message.

Anonymous,  9:28 AM  

Feel free to insert your own caption.

"How I wish I had a third hand. Then he'd be smiling!"

Anonymous,  10:02 AM  

That was me, Randy Paul, btw. For some reason i can't sign on with Typepad.

Hondureana,  11:24 AM  

You know those republicans will say anything that goes against Obama. No wonder they lost the elections.

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