Friday, October 09, 2009

Latest Chile poll numbers

Adimark published its monthly poll on Chilean politics. Michelle Bachelet's approval rating stands at 76%.

At the same time, there is more disapproval than approval for how she is handling education, health, Transantiago, corruption, and crime. This seems strange, but overall Chileans are concerned with the economy, and they like how she and Andrés Velasco have handled it.

Further, 61% disapprove of the way the Chamber of Deputies is working, and 56% disapprove of the Senate.

Lastly, the Concertación has an approval rating of only 28%, versus 52% disapproval. The Alianza is about the same--26% approval and 53% disapproval.

This has been a consistent theme, especially in the last year (and which is analyzed in the book I edited with Silvia Borzutzky). Bachelet retains personal popularity but it does not rub off on anyone else. As Pato Navia points out, she also never groomed any future leaders.

In short, her approval will have little or no impact on the December elections. Chileans like her, but are generally unhappy with their government.


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